Web design of the web site of Watzek's piano-making workshop

The web site of WATZEK's piano-making workshop was originally designed by Philipp Fürst. In the light of the breakthrough in new technologies in those days, the first version of our web site had been designed by using frames. However this working method used for the internet layout presented great disadvantages and today it exists new solutions in order to maintain the high performance level currently required without resorting to the frames. This is why we overloaded the Viennese web design company City Design with reorganizing and redesigning our web site in 2010. The Viennese web designer Alexander Ehrlich took care of this project.

Web design by City Design

Viennese web design company City Design in Austria

City Design is an independant service of the company City Tours specialized in the creation of search engine optimized websites and in the upgrading of old websites to modern techniques. This is how we could describe City Design's services: transparent description of every service, quick handling of orders, interesting partnership system with its customers and availability at all times. City Design's special partnership programme allows private individuals and small budget companies to get their own website at a reasonable price in exchange for advertising links to websites belonging to City Tours Europe's websites network.

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