Piano rental: upright pianos and grand pianos

concert pianos on rent in Vienna and Austria rent a pianoforte for a concert

Rent a piano for a concert

Concert organizers can rent all kinds of pianos from Watzek's piano workshop - for performances in Vienna, around Vienna and all around Austria. Beside pianos made by other manufacturers, the Watzek workshop especially sells its own home-made historical pianofortes. If you have any question about our piano rental service, do not hesitate to call +43 699 / 17 33 31 32 or to send us an email at .

Last update on this page: June 1, 2010.

Pianoforte rental

Johann Schantz pianoforte in Vienna

manufactured by Alfred WATZEK in 1989 / cherry polished

Dimensions: length: 220 cm / width: 106 cm / height without its feet: 26 cm
Description: pianoforte appropriate for a concert / Viennese action with historical dampers / keyboard compass: F4 to C7 / dampers: F4 to C7 / 2 knee swells (moderator, forte) / 5 square feet

Pitch: A4 = 420 Hz - 443 Hz

Historical Watzek pianoforte

made in Watzek's piano workshop in Vienna

Dimensions: length: 220 cm / width: 102 cm / height without its feet: 24 cm

Description: replica of an anonymous pianoforte made around 1790 / cherry veneer and polished / solid cherry wood top / inlaid work on the wrest plank /Viennese action / keyboard compass: F4 - F6 / black keys in ebony / white keys in ox bone / leather-covered historical dampers: F4 to F6 / 2 knee swells (moderator and forte) / 5 square feet

Pitch: A4 = 420 Hz - 443 Hz

Rental price for a pianoforte
concert day: 220.00 euros rehearsal day: 80.00 euros
Transportation price for a pianoforte
one way: 160.00 euros in Vienna return: 160.00 euros in Vienna
These prices do not include taxes (VAT: 20%)

Upright piano rental

upright piano on rental in Watzek's piano manufacture

Kemble upright piano

black lacquered

Dimensions: height: 107 cm / width: 130 cm / depth: 47 cm
Description: modern upright piano in good order and condition / fit for boogies and blues in society parties and private parties / pitch: A4 = 440 Hz

Rental price: on demand.